Music video - "Terraces"

Yesterday Music. Defined. premiered our official music video for our new song "Terraces," which was filmed in Puerto Rico by the wonderful Bruce J. Bales with DEFT.

"Shot down in Puerto Rico, the clip cuts together like a montage of a trip you have no recollection of taking. It’s a great achievement of marrying audio and visuals together, as they tie in perfectly with one another." -Josh Terzino, Music. Defined.


We hope that you enjoy the video and the song! Stop on over to our Bandcamp page to download "Terraces" for free!

Sweet, kind words about In Rooms

"In Rooms is a band that sounds good in any space or situation. Whatever it is, Nick and Heather Leo’s fluid tunes are a match. The band has an unmistakable vibe--a worldly and calculated approach. Through their singular sound, they provide a soft and warm soundtrack to the vivid world around us."-Bruce Bales

Read more of what Bruce has to say about In Rooms and awesome Des Moines rock band Satellite State here:

Image Photo by Bruce Bales

Music. Defined. review of The Night Has Come

Music. Defined. review of The Night Has Come"It’s bookended by nights at the Copa Cabana, and in between we get flavors from Portugal and France, among others. It’s a very unassuming record, one that does not necessarily require your full attention to be enjoyed, but rewards it when given." -Josh Terzino,


A nice review of The Night Has Come!

"Their reggae and Caribbean influenced pop shines all the way through their debut LP The Night Has Come. It is a unique album to this scene and a beautiful listen that can soothe and calm, but also has a groove and beat that keeps your attention and head bobbing."-Dave Murphy, Blogger for