A nice review of The Night Has Come!

"Their reggae and Caribbean influenced pop shines all the way through their debut LP The Night Has Come. It is a unique album to this scene and a beautiful listen that can soothe and calm, but also has a groove and beat that keeps your attention and head bobbing."-Dave Murphy, Blogger for www.desmoinesisnotboring.com

Album release!

Today we are releasing our new album "The Night Has Come". It will be available for download on Bandcamp  and physical copies will be available at our shows. TheNightHasComeCD

We started two of the tracks early last spring. As we finished those we started writing more songs and getting more of our friends involved in the recording process. After we finished 8 songs we had our friend Phil Young at Wabi Sound master them to tape.

We're quite happy with the sound and design of our first album and are excited to share it with others.

Free CD release concert tonight at 9pm at the PBR Bar in downtown Des Moines. Heather vs. Nick dj battle will follow for the rest of the night.