The Peacock Waltz - NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest submission!

There really aren't enough waltzes about peacocks...

On January 25, 2016 Bruce Bales (DEFT) came over to help us do some filming with the Magnavox Movie Maker. The video was filmed as an entry to the 2016 NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest. We hope that you enjoy the video for our new song, "The Peacock Waltz". 

Music video - "Terraces"

Yesterday Music. Defined. premiered our official music video for our new song "Terraces," which was filmed in Puerto Rico by the wonderful Bruce J. Bales with DEFT.

"Shot down in Puerto Rico, the clip cuts together like a montage of a trip you have no recollection of taking. It’s a great achievement of marrying audio and visuals together, as they tie in perfectly with one another." -Josh Terzino, Music. Defined.


We hope that you enjoy the video and the song! Stop on over to our Bandcamp page to download "Terraces" for free!