1/17/15 Music Picks: In Rooms 
"Des Moines, Iowa, indie-folk-pop outfit In Rooms hangs lush orchestrations with occasional hints of Latin rhythms around the kittenish vocals of Heather Leo, part of the husband-wife team at the center of the act."

Bota Pra Tocar - Ouça na íntegra "Sleepless Days" 
¨A banda norte-americana In Rooms mistura indie, pop e folk com ritmos e texturas do Brasil e da América do Sul, e lança nesta terça-feira, 31 de março, seu álbum de estreia, intitulado ¨Sleepless Days¨.¨

Video Premiere - In Rooms "Terraces"
"The song, like many tunes from In Rooms, feels old and familiar but brand new all the same. This one mixes the slow meandering guitar of Neil Young’s “Harvest” with the dreamy vocals of Camera Obscura. It’s a gorgeous combination, and Heather’s voice drifts above the guitar like a feather floating from note to note."
-Josh Terzino,

Band Bombshell - Video debut of "How Divine"
"Heather's backing band—made up of Nick Leo on guitar, Tim Sanders on keys, Brooke Peters on bass, and Matt Andreini on drums—keeps a great tempo that just barely sits on the line of danceworthy and "I'm going to sit here, drink my umbrella'd cocktail, and take all of this in." The best part? They achieved all of that with a garage door backdrop."
-Erika Owen, Editor-in-chief and Writer 

Band Bombshell - Detection: In Rooms and Satellite State
“In Rooms is a band that sounds good in any space or situation. Whatever it is, Nick and Heather Leo’s fluid tunes are a match. The band has an unmistakable vibe–a worldly and calculated approach. Through their singular sound, they provide a soft and warm soundtrack to the vivid world around us.”
-Bruce Bales, Band Bombshell contributor

Des Moines Music Coalition review of  The Night Has Come
“This is one of those rare albums that you can throw on and listen to from start to finish; there are no low points, it’s all smooth sailing.”
-Cady Colosimo, DMMC volunteer contributor

Music. Defined. review of  The Night Has Come
"It’s bookended by nights at the Copa Cabana, and in between we get flavors from Portugal and France, among others. It’s a very unassuming record, one that does not necessarily require your full attention to be enjoyed, but rewards it when given."
-Josh Terzino,

One Heap Wonder review of The Night Has Come
"El ritmo no sabe de estilos ni géneros. Se pega al cuerpo y no hay forma de pararlo. Eso podemos comprobarlo con esta joven banda de Iowa, In Rooms, cuyo sonido combina cadencia jamaiquina e indie pop con un resultado peculiar: no sabes si bailar de manera cadenciosa o simplemente escuchar." 

Des Moines is Not Boring review of  The Night Has Come
"Their reggae and Caribbean influenced pop shines all the way through their debut LP The Night Has Come. It is a unique album to this scene and a beautiful listen that can soothe and calm, but also has a groove and beat that keeps your attention and head bobbing."
-Dave Murphy, Blogger at

In Rooms featured in Kansas City's The Pitch
"In Rooms takes you on a spicy tour of the Southern Hemisphere, from breezy Brazilian beaches to sweltering Colombian discothèques."
-Natalie Gallagher, The Pitch

Little Village review of The Night Has Come
"The songs are well-written with dark lyrics hiding underneath the cheery exterior. Additionally, the boy-girl harmonies between Heather and Nick are light and breezy, which matches well with the album’s Latin-influenced percussion. The pop and international elements come together on The Night Has Come to make a very smooth, relaxing sound."
-A.C. Hawley, Little Village

The Night Has Come featured on Almost Musique compilation
"Some rural and sweet rocksteady. Contemplative cheerfulness."

Des Moines is Not Boring Review of In Rooms self-titled EP
“It is like a slice of home and a reminder that there is so much more you haven’t experienced. Humbling, and motivating all at once. Also, it’s just good music to listen to.”
-Dave Murphy, Blogger at