Sweet, kind words about In Rooms

"In Rooms is a band that sounds good in any space or situation. Whatever it is, Nick and Heather Leo’s fluid tunes are a match. The band has an unmistakable vibe--a worldly and calculated approach. Through their singular sound, they provide a soft and warm soundtrack to the vivid world around us."-Bruce Bales

Read more of what Bruce has to say about In Rooms and awesome Des Moines rock band Satellite State here: http://bandbombshell.com/detection/2014/3/20/detection-in-rooms-and-satellite-state

Image Photo by Bruce Bales

A nice review of The Night Has Come!

"Their reggae and Caribbean influenced pop shines all the way through their debut LP The Night Has Come. It is a unique album to this scene and a beautiful listen that can soothe and calm, but also has a groove and beat that keeps your attention and head bobbing."-Dave Murphy, Blogger for www.desmoinesisnotboring.com